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Brut Réserve – Les Facettes – 1er Cru
Harmony of PINOT NOIR (black grapes) and CHARDONNAY (white grapes), this great-class Champagne proposes finesse, pleasure, distinction and nobility.
This champagne is advised for aperitif and for lunch.

Brut Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs : 
Cuvée du Mélomane
This PURE CHARDONNAY Champagne has a gold-green colour, delicate bubbles, a fine and persistant foam.
This Champagne is advised for aperitif and with fish and sea-food dishes.

Brut Grand Cru Carte d’Or Tradition
The predominance of the PINOT NOIR grapes gives this Champagne body and strength.
The colour is pale gold and the bubbles are elegant.
This Champagne is advised for rich dishes.
Brut Grand Cru Rosé
Fine, nervous, rich and dark colored, this PURE PINOT NOIR Champagne is a perfect complement with meat dishes and red-fruits desserts.
Extra-Brut Grand Cru Millésimé 2009
Cuvée l'Age d'Or
This elegant and very fresh Champagne is a PURE PINOT NOIR without added liqueur.
This vintaged Champagne has an authentic bouquet from Bouzy. His strength is advisable for aperitif.
Brut Grand Cru Millésimé 2008
Cuvée spéciale La Favorite
This glamourous Champagne is fine, delicate and selected only during the best years.
This vintaged Champagne is a subtle blend of PINOT NOIR and CHARDONNAY.
Our Champagnes
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